Period-50 glider gun

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Period-50 glider gun
Period-50 glider gun image
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 524
Bounding box 144×46
Period 50
Barrels 1
Discovered by Dean Hickerson
Year of discovery 1996

Period-50 glider gun is an extensible true period-50 glider gun discovered by Dean Hickerson on October 13, 1996. It is based on a period-44 gun by David Buckingham and the p50 traffic jam oscillator to restore the blinker, as well as 2 copies of this mechanism to restore the blinker in the middle. It can be made to have more than 1 barrel. [1]

In 2004, David Bell, produced a variant using only a single oscillator with a glider loop.[1] It is possible to restore the blinker by using queen bee shuttles but that makes this gun pseudo. The true period would then be p150.

Image gallery

Animation of variant by David Bell. RLE: here
x = 80, y = 39, rule = B3/S23 18b2o40b2o$18bobob2o32b2obobo$20bob2o32b2obo$19bo40bo$20bob2o11b2o6b2o 11b2obo$23bo11b2o6b2o11bo$23bobo28bobo$24b2o28b2o$13b2o3b2o40b2o3b2o$ 13bo5bo40bo5bo$6b2o64b2o$7bo6bo3bo42bo3bo6bo$b2ob3o8b3o44b3o8b3ob2o$b 2obo70bob2o$26b2o24b2o$b3o22b2o24b2o22b3o$o2bo4bobo58bobo4bo2bo$2o6bo 2bo24b2o4b2o24bo2bo6b2o$11b2o11bo10bobo4bobo10bo11b2o$9bo3b2o9bo10bo8b o10bo9b2o3bo$11b2o11bo10bobo4bobo10bo11b2o$8bo2bo24b2o4b2o24bo2bo$8bob o58bobo$26b2o24b2o$26b2o24b2o$31b2o$15b3o13bo30b3o$14bo3bo8b2o3bo28bo 3bo$27bo2bobo$13bo5bo9b2o2b2o25bo5bo$13b2o3b2o10bo3bo25b2o3b2o$7b2o19b o4bo37b2o$7bobo18b2o3b2o4bo30bobo$9bo28bobo29bo$9b2obo26bo11bo15bob2o$ 13bo35bobo14bo$9b2obo37b2o15bob2o$9b2obobo50bobob2o$13b2o50b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 2 HEIGHT 360 THEME 6 GPS 25 LOOP 150 ZOOM 6 AUTOSTART ]]
The blinker is pushed by the queen bee
shuttles in a way that makes this
a pseudo-period gun.
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RLE: here Plaintext: here


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