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Hey guys, I am goldenratio (or phi or fe). You can find me contributing to other people's OCA rules (I don't like S4i-type rules just saying). I also sometimes contribute to CGoL in the form of syntheses, mainly soup based syntheses (though I try making final steps sometimes and recently succeeded with edge-repair spaceship 1), as they're low hanging fruit. I also firmly believe that LeapLife is an extremely overrated rule (though it's not bad)

I'm kind of an above average user for my post count so I'm trying to increase it while still maintaining post quality

Created Rules with a thread



Middle Section

Please search D2 symmetry random glider collisions (stdin script here). D2_x may or may not be practical due to head on collisions annihilating each other, so I'm not going to work on it for now. The glider positioning bug has been fixed.

Pages I made (in mainspace)

Tri-loaf 2

Soba (originally 257P7H3V0)

Tutorials/Catalyses (I didn't create the content here; just split a long page)

All my pages

A lot of these are half-finished and I plan to finish them some time. (some time, yes.)

VesselLife page


My created rules

A tier list for pattern names

Some satisfying components (in B3/S23 only)

A synthesis inserter list for convenience (in construction)

Conwaylife forum records list