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Achim's p16 is a period-16 oscillator that was found by Achim Flammenkamp on July 27, 1994. With only 32 cells, it was the smallest known period-16 oscillator until the discovery of Rob's p16 in 2020.

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The LifeWiki contains one of the most comprehensive catalogues of patterns available on the internet. Within it you will find:
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Did you know...

  • ... that there are currently known elementary spaceships with speeds c/7 and c/12 diagonal, but none with c/8, c/9, c/10 or c/11?
  • ... that while the speed limit for orthogonal spaceships in rules using the Moore neighbourhood is c orthogonal, spaceships in Larger than Life rules are capable of breaking this barrier?
  • ... that without the use of adjustable glider loops, there are no known oscillators with periods 43 or 53?
  • ... that without the use of Herschel loops or adjustable glider loops, there are no known oscillators with periods 59 or 61?
  • ... that small stable elementary period multipliers (also known as pulse dividers) have been found for multipliers of 2x, 3x, and 4x, but not for 5x or higher?
  • ... that with reverse caber-tosser universal constructor technology, it is possible to build any possible glider-constructible pattern, no matter what size, using only 33 gliders?
  • ... that there are at least four known ways to send information diagonally at a speed greater than the maximum spaceship speed through vacuum? (Complete mechanisms include speeds approaching c/2 via two perpendicular telegraphs, and 2c/3 via a 2c/3 wire.)
  • ... that an oscillator with strict volatility 1 can be constructed for any period 3506909 or higher?
  • ... that the original Gemini's "below-the-elbow" construction efficiency, roughly three gliders per still life, is about four times better than that of any subsequent self-constructing spaceship?
  • ... that an O(sqrt(log(t))) pattern was constructed in 2010, with a diameter that grows at the slowest possible asymptotic ("big O") rate for any Life pattern?          
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