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All of the incomplete or nonexistent tutorials on the LifeWiki. This page is to help identify which need expansion.


Tutorials/Contributing to 5S (Picking Out Interesting Ships; other helpful search methods)

Tutorials/Creating custom rules (icons, variables)

Tutorials/Finding rules (other rules other than OT and INT, probably some INT expansion too)

Tutorials/Finding conduits (needs a serious makeover by someone more experienced and to improve tone)

Tutorials/Glider syntheses (many search programs like JLS, LLS, spark_search, popseq.c, and also ideas for participating in modern spaceship/oscillator syntheses)

Tutorials/LLS (text files)


Tutorials/Scripts (general expansion)

Needs to be created

  • Create some tutorial guidelines page which existing and new tutorials should adhere to
  • aformentioned programs like WLS/JLS, spark_search, gencols might be better off in their own tutorial
  • ntzfind, qfind, ikpx2 (probably combine ntzfind and qfind, while ikpx2 gets its own tutorial)
  • Bellman and possibly CatForce
  • dr?
  • Some other novel new developments I can't believe I'm forgetting right now