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A Snarkbreaker is a single-channel recipe to "undo" a Snarkmaker.[1] The one in current use was found by Simon Ekström and Chris Cain in June 2017.[2] It can be used to change the direction of a construction arm, and is used for that purpose in several Demonoid and Orthogonoid spaceships.

x = 819, y = 907, rule = B3/S23 107b2o$107b2o94$3b2o$4bo$2bo$2b5o14b2o$7bo13bo$4b3o12bobo$3bo15b2o$3b 4o$b2o3bo3b2o$o2b3o4b2o$2obo$3bo$3b2o3$11b2o$12bo$9b3o$9bo9$34b2o$34bo bo$34bo21$58bo$57b2o$57bobo21$80b2o$80bobo$80bo28$109b3o$109bo$110bo 21$133b2o$132b2o$134bo36$170b3o$170bo$171bo20$193b2o$193bobo$193bo23$ 218b2o$217b2o$219bo37$256b3o$256bo$257bo28$286b3o$286bo$287bo21$309b3o $309bo$310bo25$336b3o$336bo$337bo20$359b2o$359bobo$359bo24$384b3o$384b o$385bo39$425b3o$425bo$426bo120$548b2o$548bobo$548bo22$572b2o$572bobo$ 572bo151$725b2o$724b2o$726bo43$769b3o$769bo$770bo22$794b2o$793b2o$795b o19$815bo$817bo$816b2o$816bobo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ PAUSE 2 STEP 9 AUTOSTART THUMBSIZE 2 HEIGHT 800 WIDTH 800 T 1000 X -360 Y -380 Z 2 T 2000 Z 4 LOOP 4000 ]]
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Moving the elbow block by one full diagonal requires adjusting the final three gliders by 2fd. Half-diagonal adjustments are possible: move the elbow block to the other side of the single-channel lane and move the final three gliders by 1fd.

In the pattern above, a sabotaged glider is present at T=0. This shows the earliest possible location of the initial glider in a recipe following the Snarkbreaker.


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