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Chris Cain
Born Unknown
Residence Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater Unknown

Chris Cain is a Life enthusiast who has contributed primarily to the construction of engineered spaceships. He constructed the centipede in September 2014, and collaborated with Dave Greene and others to create the half-baked knightship and the Demonoid. In December 2018, he constructed the first minimum-step camelship.

Cain also helped in multiple ways with the construction of the period-52 glider gun in 2018.

He contributes to the forums under the username "chris_c" and currently maintains half of Dieter and Peter's glider gun collection.

Together with Dave Greene, he reduced the size of the reverse caber-tosser to 35 gliders, a record that remained unbroken until 2020, when he reduced it again to 33 gliders.

Patterns found by Chris Cain