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A wick ship is a spaceship that moves at the same speed as bits of a "vector wick" ("ant" in Ants), and consists of said "bit" and a stabilization element.

In Conway's Game of Life, there are no lightspeed spaceships, therefore no wick ships for Ants.

By definition, wick ships are extensible through introduction of more "bits" of the wick it is based on (such as 114P6H1V0's non-monotonic frontal part).

A "puller" is a wick ship for a frontal-stabilized wick; see Lightweight spaceship for a c/2 wick that needs frontal stabilization by two "fishes" (orthogonal standard spaceships). A "pusher", on other hand, is one stabilizing the rear (e.g. 114P6H1V0).