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It's a nice thing to have multiple projects to work on at the same time - so that if you get stuck on one of them, just switch to another.

Don't do these before me.


  • Complete the Lifeline transcripts.
  • Look into the Waterbear synthesis project fast enough.
    • Well at least I did something (completely non-significant). I'm still looking forward to further tasks if it even exists..


  • Demonoid construction:
    • Make a brute-force script to search for p22 elbow instructions.
    • Make a script that sorts out the blockic turners.
    • Build a p22 gun blockic seed.
    • Eventually nominate it to the OCA DOTY 2020 after the whole Demonoid is completed.
  • Misc:
    • Add contents to the LeapLife Portal.
    • Complete the experimental Lepa page.
      • Done, still a stub though.
    • Build an explicit Rule 110 unit cell.
    • Finish the synthesis database.
      • When it gets larger and larger, upload the synthesis to somewhere "searchable".
    • Upload results to the search status page.


  • Complete Kittyst and put it on GitHub.
  • Fix PlutoniumSearch.
    • Get the BOINC thing working after that.
  • Implement BokaBB's new Larger than Life rulespace.
  • Exhausively look for methuselahs that fits in a small bounding box.


  • Request from BokaBB:
    • PiPufferLife:c/8, c/10
    • ResistantLife:c/4, c/7, c/8
    • Farespa:c/6, c/7, 2c/7
    • RotoHooks:c/6, c/7, c/9
    • Writers:c/4, c/5, 2c/5, c/6
  • PlutoniumSearch:
    • Confirm #123 results.
    • #42
      • As 168-172/1024.