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Note: In no way does the order of the following pattern(s) demonstrate my opinion towards them. They are randomly shuffled.

  1. Systematic survey of small patterns: a systematic survey of all patterns up to 9 cells, as well as a survey of all single-cluster 10-cell patterns resulting in the discovery of two record-breaking 10-celled methuselae, bunnies 10a and bunnies 10b.
  2. Glider syntheses, both of which spanned a large period of time and collective effort, providing an effective lower bound for bit counts in synthesisable still lifes (Tanner Jacobi, Goldtiger997, Jeremy Tan, Adam P. Goucher, et al.)
  3. Stable variant of cyclotron (Goldtiger997, with earlier work by Dean Hickerson, Paul Callahan and Adam P. Goucher)
  4. 66P13 and variations, allowing for bumpers and other mechanisms (Bullet51 and Aidan F. Pierce)
  5. Slavic, the current smallest universal-constructor based quadratic growth. (Pavel Grankovskiy)
  6. Scholar, second elementary 2c/7, discovered with the novel search program lsss (Andrew Wade)
  7. 46P4H1V0 synthesis and gun (Tanner Jacobi, Matthias Merzenich, Martin Grant, and Goldtiger997)
  8. David Hilbert, the first known period-23 oscillator and the first new oscillator period in over half a decade (Luka Okanishi and Aidan F. Pierce)
  9. p250 c/10 orthogonal rake by christoph r, the first c/10 rake with a period below 320, as well as the lowest period so far achieved for a c/10 rake.
  10. Remini, a universal constructor based puffer, purely made with p30 technology. (Michael Simkin)
  11. 230P8, high-clearance p8 domino sparker (Fredrick Johansson, wildmyron on forums)
  12. New gun designs, clever new gun components that allow the reduction of a large number of glider guns in the small guns collection. (Tanner Jacobi)
  13. Mountain range patterns, patterns exhibiting irregular and inconsistent growth (Dean Hickerson)
  14. Hackersaw, a logarithmic growth pattern with a sawtooth-like population graph. (Gustone)
  15. 47575M and relatives, a record-breaking non-switch-engine-based methuselah (Adam P. Goucher)
  16. 60-line c/10 printer, an easy-to-use c/10 printer that can copy and print a picture 60 lines tall. (GilGil)
  17. Dueling banjos. used to drastically reduce many gun periods by allowing for the construction of a smaller p24 glider gun (Apple Bottom)
  18. p49 skewed pulsar hassler, the first known p49 that isn't a glider loop (by Martin Grant, based on a supported version found by Jason Summers)
  19. Knightwave stabilization, completing a grammar allowing for an infinite number of distinct knightships (Matthias Merzenich)
  20. R49, a very useful and compact pre-Herschel turner/advancer (Entity Valkyrie, Luka Okanishi)
  21. Spider synthesis - the largest elementary spaceship synthesis to date, and the first synthesis of a c/5 spaceship (original synthesis by Martin Grant, with reductions by many)
  22. Phoenix agars, oscillating patterns living on a period-2 phoenix background that emulate some bounded rule 18 patterns (Alex Greason, BlinkerSpawn, Dongook Lee, and Fredrick Johansson [wildmyron on forums])