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[Saka's Note: Replace LifeViewers with images of seed, result, and comparison] [Saka's Note: Add types of figs] Fig Seeds are a family of patterns that can generate very large patterns ("Fig Trees") relative to the Fig Seeds in a small amount of time. The rules in which Fig Seeds exist are called Figs, because one rule contains lots of fig seeds. People that make and search for fig seeds are called fig wasps, they pollinate the fig's flowers and make the seed.

Fig seeds are normally found in non-totalistic rules but some have been constructed in Life by Adam P. Goucher with very high Fig Indexes.


More stuff: Fig index
The word "fig" is from the how figs are rated, the fig index. Seed means "a small pattern". The fig index's three parameters, Final Population, Initial Population, and Generations, can be made into the word "Fig" and that is how the name for this type of pattern is made.

Types of Fig Seeds

There are 2 main types of natural fig seeds: Crystal and Monolith fig seeds. Some rules can generate Crystals and others generate Monoliths. Some people prefer crystal fig seeds because of their beauty but others prefer monoliths because of their very high FI Scores and Fig Indexes.

Crystal Fig Seeds

Crystal Fig Seeds were the first type of fig seeds discovered. They generate intricate branching crystals with different sizes of rectangles. Below is an example of a crystal fig tree in the rule B2-ae3-ik4ai6ai78/S2a3-j4a5aijn6acn78: Crystal fig tree.png

Monolith Fig Seeds

Monolith Fig Seeds are fig seeds which grow into very large filled rectangles. They have very high FI Scores and Fig Indexes.

Monolith fig tree.png

Notable Fig Seeds

The record fig seed at the time of writing is a Monolith fig seed that was found by toroidalet. It has a fig index of 244.823, and grows from 26 cells into 291,344,568 cells in only 45,770 generations.

x=26, y = 13, rule = B2-ae3-ik4ai5a6ai78/S2a3-j4a5aijn6-ik78 25bo$21bo3bo$19bo4bo$19bo2b2o$21b2o$25bo$bo3bo14bo3bo$o$3b2o$2b2o2bo$b o4bo$o3bo$o! [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 2 ]]

The record crystalline fig seed at the time of writing was the following which was found by Saka. It has a fig index of 9.925.

x=12, y = 2, rule = B2-ae3-ik4ai6ai78/S2a3-j4a5aijn6acn78 2b5obo2bo$ob5o2b3o! [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 2 ]]

[Saka's Note: Check Fig index, and add Final Initial and Gens!]

The first Monolith fig was found by Saka. It broke the record at the time and had a fig index of 42.750. It went from 13 cells to 7,756,193 in 13,956 generations.

x=7, y = 5, rule = B2-ae3-ik4ai5a6ai78/S2a3-j4a5aijn6acn78 3bob2o$bob3o$bo3bo$bo2bo$obo! [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 2 ]]

The first and only probaly-correct engineered fig was found by Adam P. Goucher in B3/S23. According to him, it goes from 646 cells to about 450,000,000,000 in about 68,000,000 generations, but he himself has not ran it to completion. It has an approximate fig index of 10. He has posted another B3/S23 fig seed with a much higher fig index but Macbi claims it is infinite growth.

x=313, y = 101, rule = B3/S23 133bo$134bo$130bo3bo$131b4o3$130bo$131bo$132bo$132bo$131b2o4$133bo$ 134bo172b6o$130bo3bo171bo5bo$131b4o177bo$306bo4bo$308b2o2$303b2obob2o$ 302bobobo3bo$310bo$304bo3b3o$306bo$96bo207bob2o$97bo206bo$93bo3bo204bo b2o$94b4o204bo$300bob2o$300bo$298bob2o$298bo$296bob2o$296bo$294bob2o$ 3bo290bo$4bo287bob2o$o3bo287bo$b4o285bob2o$290bo$288bob2o$288bo$286bob 2o$286bo$284bob2o$284bo$282bob2o$282bo$280bob2o$280bo$278bob2o$278bo$ 276bob2o$276bo$274bob2o$274bo$272bob2o$272bo$270bob2o$270bo$268bob2o$ 268bo$266bob2o$266bo$264bob2o$264bo$262bob2o$262bo$260bob2o$260bo$258b ob2o$258bo$256bob2o$256bo$254bob2o$254bo$252bob2o$252bo$250bob2o$250bo $248bob2o$242bo5bo$137b2o7b2o76bo6b2o2bobobo4bobob2o$149bo5b2o59b2o5bo 2bo2b3o2bo4bo2bo3bo$137bo4bo3bo4bobo4bo3b25o16b2obobo5bo4bobo5bob4obob 4ob2obob2o$138b2obo4bob2ob3obo61bob3ob2ob3o5bo2bo6b2o$139bobob2ob2o3b 3o2b2obo42bo4bo5bob2o2b3o3bo2bo5bobobo5bo$140b2o4bo11b57o14bo3bo2bo4bo 2b2o$141bo3bo84b3o3b2obo3b2o$142b3o15b2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2o b2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2o25b2ob3o$242bo$138b2o7b2o12bobo3bobo3bobo3bobo3bo bo3bobo3bobo3bobo3bobo12b2o7b2o$139bo8b3obobob2o2b2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2o b2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2o2b2obobob3o8bo$139b2obobo2bobo7b4o3b 2obobob2o3b2obobob2o3b2obobob2o3b2obobob2o3b4o7bobo2bobob2o$139b2obo4b obob2ob2ob3o5b2o3b2o5b2o3b2o5b2o3b2o5b2o3b2o5b3ob2ob2obobo4bob2o$142bo 2bob2o4bo4bo7bo3bo7bo3bo7bo3bo7bo3bo7bo4bo4b2obo2bo$141b2ob3o20b3o9b3o 9b3o9b3o20b3ob2o$143b3o81b3o$144bo83bo! [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 2 ]]

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