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Feel free to contribute to any of these tasks and remove them from the list if completed, or add updates/advice if relevant to the tasks currently here. Additionally, if you notice any new wiki-related bugs that aren't listed in the bugs section, please feel free to add them there as well.


  • apgcode: Needs explanation of how linear-growth patterns are encoded
  • Adjustable spaceship: Expand with info on half-baked knightships and the HighLife basilisks
  • LifeWiki:Did you know and LifeWiki:Did you know archive: might be able to make these generate the list from DPL to avoid having to manually update
    • Something like {{#dpl:namespace=LifeWiki|titlematch=Did you know/%|format=,\n*[[%PAGE%]]: {{%PAGE%}}}} but unfortunately this doesn't quite work for two reasons:
      1. Is sorted lexicographically instead of numerically, so it goes 1, 10, 100, 101, etc.
      2. Thinks {{%PAGE%}} is supposed to be transcluding from the Template namespace rather than the LifeWiki namespace, and {{LifeWiki:%TITLE%}} doesn't work either
  • MediaWiki:Common.css: add support for custom list-style-types for references (i.e. something like div.reflist ol.references {list-style-type: inherit;}) - I tried this out in my own userspace and, like the last time I tried to mess with CSS/JS, it didn't seem to do anything so not sure what to do from here
    • Probably useful to switch the footnotes for the still life table in Glider synthesis to lower-alpha to conserve space while still clearly separating these from citations
    • Okay, looks like user scripts just straight up don't work on LifeWiki - no clue why; so I had to edit MediaWiki:Common.css directly to try it out
    • Imported Template:Efn from Wikipedia which is theoretically supposed to support letter-style footnotes but it didn't do anything when I tested it out
  • Remini: Needs infobox
  • Symmetry: Finish images for hexagonal symmetries section
  • Template:Conduit: appears that some information in the infobox is reliant on output offset in order to appear (see for example Fx119 inserter)
  • Template:Distinguish, Template:Merge, Template:Merge from: currently broken for the use case of multiple parameters due to the lack of a Template:Int, which is called in Template:Pagelist (if I understand correctly, User:Calcyman just copied these from Wikipedia)
  • Template:LongLivedMethuselah: is there a way to force the quotient values to display a certain number of decimal digits? May make the table look a little neater.
  • These are broken due to MediaWiki update; have now been disabled: Template:OscNumbers, Template:OscModNumbers, Template:SpaceshipModNumbers
  • Template:Reflector: support rotor parameter? Seems to be used in several articles anyway e.g. p7 bumper


LifeWiki bugs

User:Nathaniel will most likely have to intervene with these since they seem to be issues with the software itself rather than the content of the wiki; however, other users may be able to find a possible solution or at least identify the cause of the problem.

Other to-do lists