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This is my sandbox for loafing. If nothing in the Drafts section, I will put a notice for fun that says {{MediaWiki:Noarticletext-nopermission}}

Some formats

The following pattern is demonstrated with LifeViewer.
|pname = / |rle = 
|position = left/center/right
|viewerconfig = #C [[ ]]
|caption = blah blah.<br>
A reference to the Sadly there is not such thing as template:linkgameoflifenews.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=New long period oscillators|date=August 19, 2005|publisher=Game of Life News|author=Heinrich Koenig‏‎|accessdate=April 1, 2021}}</ref>
A reference to a forum post.<ref name="post77601" />
<ref name="post77601">{{LinkForumThread
|format     = ref
|p          = 77601
|title      = Re: Reflectorless Rotating Oscillators (RRO)
|author     = GUYTU6J
|date       = June 12, 2019
==External Link==
{{LinkForumThread|f=11|t=4099|title=Glimmering Garden}}

Random remarks from private messages

The 100-message limit of private messages system on the forums is just too small, so I will make some notes here and update sometimes. Don't worry, there are nothing too private.

  • Concerning this topic itself, Saka once suggested according to their reasoning and morals that one would need to ask the recipients and senders of those PMs for permission to make those PMs public. A way to keep a local copy of PMs is to download PMs; at the very bottom there's a dropdown that says "Export this view:", where one can download all PMs as CSV or XML.
  • Reporting posts should be reserved for things that are actually wrong and need attention from a moderator, thus using it as kind of silent PM/post to moderator(s) about academic stuff is not encouraged.
  • When doing a search whose results require other's work to check out, remember to tell them when to start and finish the search in time, or they will have to do repetitive work on the same material.
  • Despite the blue name, Kazyan actually has the same moderating capabilities like those green-named moderators, meaning that they can edit posts without leaving a summary. Consequently this post was edited in 2020 to include the beehive-push catalyst but the note still said it was last edited in 2018.

Drafts For Tutorials/General technology

//Oh, Goldenratio, in case you see this, don't add this to your list of incomplete tutorials; I will do this myself for consistency, though it may take a while.

(In general, check things related to real-life electric (digital) circuitry against my textbooks)

Extra piece of tips: rephasing and reorienting

So far we have done a lot of editing with oscillators and guns, and you may notice that every Gosper glider gun I have set up here is at the same phase. This way it could be intuitive for a novice and also efficient in terms of number of live cells, but may not meet the demand of professionals and the Optimization Game™. What is the objective in an Optimization Game™? Professionals are obsessed with minimizing the bounding box of a certain construction (e.g. a gun for the glider gun collection) at the cost of increasing population as well as other complexity. Admittedly, devices taking up less space are favourable when they are used in larger patterns, so let's look into practical techniques of moving an oscillating thing while keeping correct timing with respect to other components.


Pulse dividers

Occassionally there are more signals than we want. A pulse divider helps us out. "Pulse" is a term borrowed from...

(Filter usage?)

Once again, we begin with the simplest case of a 2-to-1 pulse divider. Duplicate the input signal with an aforementioned duplicator, and reflect the two intermediate signals so that they synthesize a block like in the duplicator...

Surprisingly, with the 2-to-1 pulse divider above and some knowledge on binary numbers, we can construct N-to-1 pulse dividers for arbitrary integer N>2 whose bounding box size is at worst O(log₂N). Obviously, chaining together two pulse dividers at N-to-1 and M-to-1 respectively gives a composite pulse divider at NM-to-1. ...

(Formalize the idea from here)

x=8, y = 8, rule = B2n3-k4jkqw5er6i/S23-q4c 2b2o$2bo$2b2o2b2o$b2o3bo$obo$2o$4b2o$4b2o! #C [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 3 Y -1 AUTOSTART GPS 10 LABEL 4 -1 6 "Constucting..." ]] #C [[ COLOR BACKGROUND 0 64 128 ]] #C [[ COLOR ALIVE 255 255 255 ]]