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Note: the links are directed to the mirror, not (old location) or (new location since September 28, 2020, which is longer). The format {{LinkCatagolueRule|b3-jknr4ity5ijk6i8s23-a4city6c7c|rulename=Glimmering Garden}} malfunctions here: it will make the separation command || ignored and three columns merged into the first. The speed estimation is for my laptop only.

List of rules searched with "An account that people with its key can use":

Rule Symmetry Note
b3s23(Conway's Game of Life) C4_4, D2_+1, 4Glider_stdin, 8Glider_stdin, ikpx2_stdin 4G stopped on March 14, 2020, 8G paused on June 19; ikpx2 searching double loafer tagalong currently
b3-jknr4ity5ijk6i8s23-a4city6c7c(User:GUYTU6J/OCA:Glimmering_Garden) C1, C4_1, C4_4, D2_x, D8_1, D8_4, 1x256
ikpx2_stdin, tcollision_in_phase_stdin, tcollision_stdin
generally long-term ongoing but slower; scripts for T-collisions adapted from here
b2i3-ek4-aitwz5k6n8s23-a4ity5e6n C1 reason: 2c/2100d spaceship made of three 4c/76o spaceships
b2i34c6cen7c8s2-i3-q4c5a6e8(MaritimeLife) C1 per request by User:Moosey
b2in3-jknq4ijy5cik6cik7es23-a4ity5ejn6i C1 reason: near-explosive,
dominated by 6c/102d spaceship and blinkers
May choke apgsearch
b2in3aceir4eity5i6ek7es2-in3-aey4ai5ci7c C1 reason: sparky
b2in3aceir4eity5i6ik7es2-in3-a4ity5ejnq6in7e C1 reason: full of replicator-like sparks but not explosive, interesting
b2in3aceir4eity5ik6k7es2-in3-ak4ity5enq6in7e C1 reason: very sparky
b2in3aceir4ity5ik6k7es2-in3-ak4ity5e6in7e C1 reason: still lives dominate but rotating p132 exists
b2in3aiqry4cnqty5ce6k7es2-i3-a4eirtyz5acijn6aik7e C1 reason: 72c/6102o where an reflectorless rotating
oscillator hassles still lives
Slow search speed (currently ~10280 soups/3 hours)
b2k3ai4jtz5iy6is2-ci3-acey4ik5q C1 reason: asymmetric sparky diagonal 6c/128d
b2kn3-ekq4c5e6i7es2-n3-aeny4ceikrt5c6ein C1 reason: slope-143 p301 spaceship
b2kn3-ekqr4i5eq6n8s23-aeny4cikqr5ek6ace7c(Clousdale) C1, D8_4 reason: rotating engine powering p16848,
chaotic crystallographic defects on checkerboard agar
May choke apgsearch but rarely
b2kn3-ekqr4ik5enqys2-n3ijkqr4ceikqr5ek6aei D8_4 reason: rotating engine powering p37440
Slow search speed at lower symmetries due to enormous puffer&breeder
b2kn3-kq4cit5ce6cns23ijkqr4ceikr5ek C1 reason: rotating engine powering p15960
Slow search speed (currently 10000 soups/~1 hours 40 minutes)
b2kn3-kq4eikwzs23ijkqr4ikr C1 reason: unknown?
b2kn3-kq6i7e8s2-n3ijkqr4ikr5e6cn7e C1 reason: (120,30)c/1500 spaceship
b2kn3-kqr4ik5nqy8s2-n3ijkqr4cikqr5ek6aei7e C1 reason: big (2,1)c/522 spaceship
b2kn3-n4ckq5r6-aks23-aekn4ceikqty5ej6-ai7e C1 reason: failed replicating 28c/5140d SMOS
Slow search speed (currently 10000 soups/~1 hours 20 minutes)
b2kn3-nr4ct6aeks23-aeny4ceiknq6ace C1 reason: 36c/1434d self-climbing SMOS
b2n3-k4jkqw5er6is23-q4c C1 reason: glider+block 7c/82d spaceship,
XWSS is supported, pre-loaf becomes two tripoles
b2n3s23-q(Leaplife) D2_x, D8_1, D8_4 per request by User:Ultimium. Stopped in January 2020
b3-c7es2-in3-a4ciqyz5ai6i C1 reason: rotating p1580, p316 and yl395 glider gun
b3-ckr5ys2-i3-aek4ci5c(Harvest Moon) C1 reason: gliders and 4×4 checkerboard pieces are good building blocks, linear replicator and puffers are common
May choke apgsearch
b3-eny4e7es2aek3ijnqr4cir5cen6e7e8 C1 reason: (26,57)c/1662 carrying many tripoles
Slow search speed
b34city5eqry6n8s23-a4city6c7 C1, D8_4 reason: period-156 oscillator made of spaceships and period-188 oscillator
b34citys23ijqr4inty C1 reason: seeking for something among abundant xp4_4r4?
Spaceship flotillae separation suffers
b34eitws23-knr C1 reason: abundant xq6_137e731 and xq8_15cse51?
Spaceship flotillae separation suffers
b38s23(Pedestrian Life) C1, D2_x rarely search it because of haul verification
b3aeijr4jk5cr6ci7cs2-i3-ak4-ajkqw5cjknr6ci7c8 C1 per request by User:Saka. reason: 12c/3328o
b3air4jk5ckns2aek3-aey4iq5aejn6cn C1 reason: 30c/2976o carrying many small RROs
Slow search speed (currently 10000 soups/~1 hours 25 minutes)
b3s2-in3-a4eiqy5ai6i C1, D8_1 reason: large sparky p184

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