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This project is a spin-off from this forum thread.

This is an attempt to find the smallest stabilisations of the still life constituent parts found in the B/S123 census on Catagolue. Edits and additions are welcome either on this table or on the thread above!

Still lives in Conway's Game of Life have been excluded from this table. So has the dot because it is not a still life in B/S123, and also because it is pointlessly trivial.

The metric is by population, then bounding box.

The corresponding project with still life islands can be found here.

Thank you to muzikbike and gooddogtyson for apgsearching b3s123/C1!

The template to add rows to the table is

| {{LinkCatagolue|CONSTITUENT APGCODE|rule=bs123|style=raw}} || {{LinkCatagolue|STABILISED APGCODE|style=raw}} || YOUR NAME

and please sort by constituent size, then alphanumeric order, thank you If a still life cannot be stabilised use "none" (without the quotes) as the stabilised apgcode. An example is a 5x5 ring.

The current state of the project, represented visually:

x=97, y = 75, rule = LifeHistory 84.A$23.A59.A.C$22.A.C17.AC9.C8.CA9.AC7.A.C9.C$2.CA8.AC7.A.C8.AC7.A.C 8.C.A7.C9.A.C6.A.C9.C.A$2.CA8.CA8.C9.2C8.C10.C6.A.C9.2C8.C9.C.C$60.2A 31.A4$55.A$3.2A28.A20.A.A37.2A$3.A9.AC17.A.A9.A9.CA8.2A7.C9.CA8.A2.A$ 4.C7.A.C7.AC7.A.C.A7.C.A6.AC9.C.A6.A.C8.C9.C.2A$3.2C6.A.C7.A2.C6.A.C. A7.2C6.A.C9.C7.A.C7.A.C8.2C$2.C9.C9.2C8.C.C6.AC9.C9.2C8.C8.AC10.C$3.A .A27.A6.A.A49.A$4.2A35.A50.2A4$22.2A$2.AC18.A9.AC9.C9.C7.AC12.C9.2A7. CA$3.C9.C9.C9.C8.C.A7.C.A7.C11.C.A7.C.A7.C$2.C9.C.A7.2C8.C8.A.C8.C.A 7.C.2A8.CA8.C7.A.C$2.AC8.2C8.C9.CA8.C10.C7.AC.2A6.2C8.3C7.2C$23.A47.A .A7.A$22.2A48.A8.2A3$34.2A49.A$15.2A7.CA8.A49.C.A$3.AC9.C.A7.C6.2A.C 9.2A18.C9.C9.CA8.CA$4.C9.C7.A.C6.A2.CA7.C.A7.2C8.C.A7.C.A6.AC9.C.A$3. C9.2C6.A.C9.C8.C9.A.C7.A.C8.2C6.A.C9.C$2.C.C2A5.C9.C9.2C8.3C7.2C8.2C 7.AC9.C9.2C$2.A3.A6.A.A29.A24.A.A$.2A11.2A28.2A25.A4$21.2A19.AC21.A9. A10.A$3.C9.CA6.A.C8.AC.2A6.C10.CA8.C.A7.C.A7.C2A$2.A.C8.C9.C9.C.2A6.C .2A7.C9.C.A7.CA7.C9.2C$.A2.C9.C8.2C8.C7.A.C.2A5.C.C7.2C.A6.2C8.C.C7.C 2.A$2.2C7.A2C7.AC9.2C7.AC9.AC7.A2.C6.A.C9.AC8.2C$11.A8.A.A39.2A8.A$ 21.A3$24.2A35.2A31.2A$2.A11.2A7.C.A28.2A5.A.C8.AC19.A2.A$.A.C9.C2.A6. C10.CA.A4.AC9.C.A7.C9.C8.AC9.C.2A$.A.C9.C.2A5.AC10.C.2A5.C9.C9.CA7.C 9.C9.2C$2.C.CA6.2C8.C9.2C8.C9.2C7.AC9.AC9.C9.C$4.C8.C9.C2A6.C9.2C8.C 7.A.C10.C8.2C8.C$2.A.A6.A13.A7.A19.A7.A10.A19.2A$2.2A7.2A19.2A18.2A 18.2A2$2.2A$2.A57.2A13.CA6.AC10.C$3.C8.2A8.AC18.AC9.CA5.A.C12.C7.A.C 8.C.A$2.AC9.C9.C9.C8.C9.C.A7.C10.A.C9.C7.A.C$2.C9.C9.C6.2A.C.A8.C8.C 8.AC.2A6.A.C9.C7.A.C$3.C8.2C8.C.A5.A.C.A6.A.C5.2A.C9.C.A6.A.C9.C7.A.C $2.CA9.C9.CA4.A2.2C7.AC6.2A.AC8.C.A7.C9.C9.C$12.A16.2A32.A18.2A$12.2A 2$16.A$4.CA9.C.A6.C10.CA7.CA6.AC9.CA8.AC8.CA7.AC$4.C10.CA6.A.C8.C.A7. C6.A2.C9.C8.C9.C7.A2.C$5.C7.AC9.C.A7.C6.2A.C7.2A.C8.C.2A6.C9.C7.AC.A$ 4.CA6.A.C7.A.C2.A4.A.C6.A2.CA8.C7.A.C.2A4.A.C7.A.C9.C$2A.C7.A.C7.A.C 2.2A3.A.C9.C7.A.C7.A.C7.A.C7.A.C7.A.C$A.CA8.C9.C9.C9.CA7.AC9.C9.C9.C 8.AC! [[ HEIGHT 500 WIDTH 500 ZOOM 4 VIEWONLY THUMBNAIL ]]
Constituent apgcode Stabilised apgcode Found by
xs2_3 (Domino) xs4_33 (Block) bubblegum
xs2_12 (Duoplet) xs4_33 (Block) bubblegum
xs3_124 xs6_25a4 (Barge) bubblegum
xs3_13 (Pre-block) xs4_33 (Block) bubblegum
xs3_16 (Banana spark) xs5_253 (Boat) bubblegum
xs3_25 (V spark) xs4_252 (Tub) Saka
xs3_7 (Blinker) xs7_178c (Eater 1) bubblegum
xs4_116 xs6_356 (Ship) bubblegum
xs4_1248 xs8_25ak8 (Long barge) bubblegum
xs4_125 xs6_25a4 (Barge) bubblegum
xs4_126 xs11_3586246 (Snake with feather) BlinkerSpawn
xs4_12c xs7_3lo (Long snake) bubblegum
xs4_152 xs5_253 (Boat) bubblegum
xs4_161 xs12_4alla4 (Honeycomb) bubblegum
xs4_162 (Prepond) xs10_g8o652z01 (Boat-tie) gooddogtyson
xs4_168 xs7_178c (Eater 1) gooddogtyson
xs4_17 (Tail) xs7_178c (Eater 1) bubblegum
xs4_1a4 xs6_25a4 (Barge) bubblegum
xs4_1e xs7_178c (Eater 1) bubblegum
xs4_27 (T-tetromino) xs13_j5c4goz11 Saka
xs4_2d xs6_bd (Snake) bubblegum
xs4_35 (Hook) xs5_253 (Boat) bubblegum
xs4_36 (Z-tetromino) xs10_drz32 (Snake siamese snake) bubblegum
xs4_3c xs6_bd (Snake) bubblegum
xs4_5a xs6_bd (Snake) bubblegum
xs4_69 (Moon) xs6_696 (Beehive) bubblegum
xs4_f (I-tetromino) xs10_32qr (Block on table) bubblegum
xs5_112c xs8_35ac (Long ship) gooddogtyson
xs5_1168 xs7_178c (Eater 1) Hunting
xs5_11a4 xs7_25ac (Long boat) gooddogtyson
xs5_117 xs11_g0s453z11 (Elevener) Hunting
xs5_11e xs7_178c (Eater 1) Hunting
xs5_12d xs12_642tic (R-bee with feather) Lewis
xs5_12e xs12_354cga6 (Eater with tail feather) Saka
xs5_12s xs8_178k8 (Tub with tail) Saka
xs5_13c xs12_32qj4c (Carrier bridge table) Lewis
xs5_153 (Glider) xs11_31e853 (Eater with cape) Saka
xs5_156 xs6_356 (Ship) GUYTU6J
xs5_15a xs7_25ac (Long boat) Hunting
xs5_169 xs12_4alla4 (Honeycomb) gooddogtyson
xs5_16a xs10_g8o652z01 (Boat-tie) Hunting
xs5_16c xs16_rh6chr gooddogtyson
xs5_16o xs10_g8o652z01 (Boat-tie) gooddogtyson
xs5_178 xs7_178c (Eater 1) Hunting
xs5_196 xs7_2596 (Loaf) GUYTU6J
xs5_1a5 xs10_4al96 (Barge siamese loaf) gooddogtyson
xs5_1a6 xs11_3586246 (Snake with feather) gooddogtyson
xs5_1ac xs7_3lo (Long snake) gooddogtyson
xs5_1b4 xs11_3586246 (Snake with feather) gooddogtyson
xs5_1d2 xs8_32qk (Hook with tail) gooddogtyson
xs5_1e1 xs12_642tic (R-bee with feather) gooddogtyson
xs5_1e2 xs12_256o8a6 (Boat tie eater tail) Lewis
xs5_1eg xs9_31ego (Integral sign) gooddogtyson
xs5_1f xs10_32qr (Block on table) Hunting
xs5_1u xs12_330fho (Trans-block on long hook) Hunting
xs5_21e xs7_178c (Eater 1) Hunting
xs5_22d xs12_o4q552z01 (Beehive at beehive) GUYTU6J
xs5_23c xs10_g8o652z01 (Boat-tie) gooddogtyson
xs5_24b xs9_178kc (Cis-boat with tail) gooddogtyson
xs5_255 xs6_696 (Beehive) GUYTU6J
xs5_259 xs7_2596 (Loaf) gooddogtyson
xs5_25c xs11_3586246 (Snake with feather) gooddogtyson
xs5_296 xs6_696 (Beehive) gooddogtyson
xs5_2a5 xs12_4alla4 (Honeycomb) gooddogtyson
xs5_2c3 xs12_354qic (Teardrop with claw) Saka
xs5_2f xs13_3123qic gooddogtyson
xs5_2t xs11_32132ac (Eater tail siamese snake) Saka
xs5_32c xs12_641j4czx11 (Carrier bridge carrier) GUYTU6J
xs5_34a xs7_25ac (Long boat) gooddogtyson
xs5_34o xs7_3lo (Long snake) gooddogtyson
xs5_3d xs6_bd (Snake) gooddogtyson
xs5_3e xs11_354c826 (Carrier siamese eater tail) Hunting
xs5_3s xs12_32qj4c (Aircraft carrier bridge table) gooddogtyson
xs5_4r xs10_drz32 (Snake siamese snake) Saka
xs5_5b xs6_bd (Snake) Hunting
xs5_5e xs13_3123qic gooddogtyson
xs5_5q xs10_drz32 (Snake siamese snake) Saka
xs5_6b xs10_0drz32 (Broken snake) Hunting
xs5_6p xs8_3pm (Shillelagh) Hunting
xs5_79 xs10_32qr (Block on table) Hunting
xs5_9m xs8_3pm (Shillelagh) Hunting
xs5_eh xs12_330fho (Trans-block on long hook) Hunting
xs5_v xs13_641vg4c (Twineedle) gooddogtyson
xs6_0g87z1 xs10_ggka52z1 (Trans-barge with tail) gooddogtyson
xs6_0g96z1 xs10_0j96z32 (Very long shillelagh) gooddogtyson
xs6_0ga5z1 xs10_g8ka52z01 (Very long barge) bubblegum
xs6_0gb4z1 xs12_ck3123z11 (Snake bridge snake) Saka
xs6_0gc3z1 xs12_25a8og8o (Tub with tail siamese snake) Saka
xs6_0gd2z1 xs13_6246pic (Q-mango siamese snake) gooddogtyson
xs6_0ge1z1 xs10_g0s252z11 (Integral with tub) bubblegum
xs6_0gfz1 xs12_32qj4c (Aircraft carrier bridge table) gooddogtyson
xs6_0ha4z1 xs12_358m96 (Honeybarge) gooddogtyson
xs6_0hez1 xs13_0gbb8oz121 (Cis-block on tub with long leg) bubblegum
xs6_0idz1 xs9_25a84c (Tub with long tail) gooddogtyson