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This page tracks various objects on Adam P. Goucher's Catagolue. Note that much of this is

  • unfinished
  • incomplete
  • out of date.

You are, however, welcome to edit this page and contribute!

Standard spaceship flotillae

Jason's p11


TODO: D4_+4, D4_x1, D4_x4, D8_*
  • Bi-pentadecathloi (flat):

Queen bee shuttles

Twin bees shuttles

Infinitely-extensible families

General rule of thumb: objects are listed until three objects in a row have yet appeared on Catagolue (on the assumption that even larger objects will then also be unlikely to yet have appeared).

The following list only contains objects not in the previous list.

Note: there is a wide variety of possible poly-ponds. Only ones that have appeared on Catagolue are included in the following list.