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Hi, I'm AForAmpere, I have lately been working on the Smallest Spaceships Supporting Specific Speeds (5s) project, after I took over the project from drc. It is a pretty big project, so please help out if you can.

Some interesting rules

B2-ac3-jnqr/S1c23-akny4, has some really slow, but interesting spaceships

B2ek3-ajny4ajqr5a/S02ack3ackny4aq5y, has 5 three-cell spaceships, and many other speeds

B2en367/S35678, where random fields above a certain size grow for a long time, but always seem to stop

R3,C8,M0,S1..1,B6..7,NM, a LTL rule with a 2c orthogonal, (2,1)c/1, (3,2)c/2, c/1 diagonal, and 3c/2 diagonal all exist in the same rule.

Non-CGoL or OCA stuff

My main hobby other than this is speedcubing, though I would not exactly consider myself extremely fast, I have done sub-15 on the 3x3. I also like Physics, Recreational Mathematics and Number Theory.