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A toggleable gun is any gun that can be turned off or turned on by the same external signal — the simplest possible switching mechanism. An input signal causes the gun to stop producing gliders. Another input signal from the same source restores the gun to its original function. Compare switchable gun.

Here's a small example by Dean Hickerson from September 1996:

x = 180, y = 149, rule = B3/S23 28b2o$28bobo$28bo6$35b3o$35bo$36bo5$43b2o$43bobo$43bo6$50b3o$50bo$51bo 5$58b2o$58bobo$58bo$37b2o$37bo2bo$41bo9bobo$25bo15bo7bo3bo$22b4o15bo7b o25b2o$13bo7b4o12bo2bo7bo4bo22bo$12bobo6bo2bo12b2o10bo26bobo4bo$11bo3b 2o4b4o24bo3bo6b2o15b2o3bobo$2o9bo3b2o5b4o14bobo8bobo6bobo18bob2o15b2o$ 2o9bo3b2o8bo14b2o20bo17b2ob2o14bobo$12bobo26bo20b2o17bob2o13bo$13bo68b obo13bo2bo$22bobo58bo5bo8bo$23b2o64bobo7bobo5b2o$23bo65b2o9b2o5bobo$ 34bo74bo$32b2o75b2o$33b2o2$30bo13bo2bo26bo2bo$31b2o15bo11b4o14bo$30b2o 12bo3bo10bo3bo10bo3bo$34b3o8b4o14bo11b4o$36bo22bo2bo$25bo9bo$24bobo$ 12b2o10b2obo8bobo$12b2o10b2ob2o6bo2bo$24b2obo6b2o10b2o$24bobo5b2o3bo8b 2o$25bo8b2o5b2o$35bo2bo4bo$36bobo6$102b3o$102bo$103bo35$140b2o$140bobo $140bo36$177b3o$177bo$178bo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GPS 30 LOOP 300 ZOOM 4 X -31 Y -43 AUTOSTART HEIGHT 480 ]]
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