Tim Coe

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Tim Coe
Born Unknown
Residence United States
Nationality Unknown
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater Unknown

Tim Coe is a Life enthusiast who is most well-known for the various spaceships that he has discovered. He found the snail, which was the first c/5 spaceship to be discovered (and was the slowest known spaceship at the time of its discovery) as well as spaghetti monster, the first 3c/7 orthogonal spaceship to be discovered. His other spaceship discoveries include swan, 46P4H1V0, 60P5H2V0, and Coe ship.

Coe's other notable discoveries include a small period-8 oscillator and an 11-glider synthesis of the caterer. He also discovered max, which is the smallest known spacefiller.

Patterns found by Tim Coe