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This is a template for including sparker categories for oscillators. The available parameters are:

  • p, which specifies the period of the oscillator;
  • type, which specifies the shape of the spark (type=dot, type=domino, type=reflecting duoplet, or type=non-reflecting duoplet; see this section for more info)
  • strength, which specifies the strength of the spark (strength=weak, strength=moderate, strength=strong; see this section for more info)
  • type2, strength2, type3, and strength3, which add additional categories if the oscillator gives off multiple distinct types/strengths of sparks

All parameters are optional. For example,


adds the categories Category:Sparkers, Category:Sparkers with period 13, Category:Dot sparkers, and Category:Moderate sparkers to the page. Typing


adds only Category:Sparkers and Category:Sparkers with period 13, whereas


adds only Category:Sparkers.

This template should not be used if the oscillator does not give off usable sparks of any kind, or if the oscillator is merely a combination of two lower-period oscillators whose sparks interact without producing new ones, e.g. figure eight on pentadecathlon.