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This is a template for including links to the Life Lexicon in the "External Links" section of an article. It can take three parameters:

  • filename, which specifies the HTML file (including anchor) that will be linked to on the Life Lexicon;
  • patternname (alternatively: name), which specifies the name of the pattern as it will appear in the link text (default: name of the current article for style=listitem, or filename for style=raw);
  • style, which specifies how to format the link (style=listitem or style=raw; default: listitem)

Note: if the Life Lexicon entry being linked to starts with a digit (i.e. the page being linked to is lex_1.htm), then the anchor should be prefixed with a-. When in doubt, view the HTML source for the Lexicon page you're linking to, and check what the exact anchor to use is.

Here is a simple example of its usage:

You type:


You see:

You type:


You see:


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