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As pointed out here, the bounding box for Sawtooth 201 would be larger (79x59) if sparks from the p46 oscillator were included in the same way that they are traditionally included in glider gun bounding boxes.

Luckily, sawteeth are not glider guns -- their bounding boxes are always increasing in any case. And clearly there's something of an established tradition to measure the bounding box without any transitory sparks, unless they're actually present in the T=0 generation. So I've left all the old bounding-box measurements unchanged when adding the new Sawtooth 189 record.

There's a potentially difficult case that comes up here, where a sawtooth with a smaller bounding box can be constructed if the minimum-population "canonical phase" occurs at T>0. Luckily I think that's not an issue for Sawtooth 189, since the spaceship is already as close as it can safely get to the pentadecathlon. Dvgrn (talk) 14:34, 31 October 2015 (UTC)