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Like the other recent moves, the pname change -- not the name change -- breaks links all over the place. I think the easiest fix would be for someone to create a ZIP archive containing new copies of, beehiveandtable_105.lif, beehiveandtable_106.lif, beehiveandtable.cells, and beehiveandtable.rle (called beehiveontable_synth.rle, beehiveontable_105.lif, beehiveontable_106.lif, beehiveontable.cells, and beehiveontable.rle)... and the same for every other pattern where you've changed the pname without uploading any raw RLE for the new pname.

Are you sure all this work is worth doing, and are you planning on doing all of it yourself? If so, send the ZIP file to and I can take care of the bulk upload part.

If I end up having to go through and review everything to find all the broken links, like for all these "and"-to-"on" name changes, and then clean up after them, I'll be very tempted to just revert the pname back to "beehiveandtable" and so on. That would fix all five brokin links instantly. This may be another good topic of discussion for the Tiki Bar. Dvgrn (talk) 16:02, 21 December 2018 (UTC)