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Staged recovery is a type of signal-processing circuit where the initial reaction between catalysts an incoming signal results in an imperfect recovery. A catalyst is damaged, destroyed completely as in a bait reaction, or one or more objects are left behind that must be cleaned up before the circuit can be reused. In any of these three cases, output signals from the circuit must be used to complete the cleanup. In theory the cleanup process might itself be dirty, requiring additional cleanup stages. In rare cases this might theoretically allow the construction of special-purpose circuits with a lower recovery time than would otherwise be possible, but in practice this kind of situation does not commonly arise.

An example is the record-breaking (at the time) 487-tick reflector constructed by Adam P. Goucher on 12 April 2009. 487 ticks was a slight improvement over the repeat time of Silver's reflector. This reflector features a standard Herschel receiver, with the extra beehive deleted by an internal block-consuming glider reflector found by Dieter Leithner many years before. Finally, the internal reflector is repaired by the usual ungainly Herschel plumbing attached to the G-to-H's output to deliver a glider to a glider to block converter.

x = 270, y = 174, rule = B3/S23 162b2o$162b2o3$160b2o$160b2o$147b2o$148bo102b2o$148bobo100b2o5b2o$149b 2o107b2o$220b2o$220bobo$222bo33b2o$138b2o82b2o32b2o$139bo122b2o$139bob o120b2o$140b2o2$158b2o37b2o$158b2o37b2o26b2o$225b2o$169b2o$168bo2bo$ 168bobo$169bo3$235b2o$236bo28b2o$220b2o11b3o29bo$151b2o67b2o11bo29bobo $151b2o110b2o2$206b2o23b2o$207bo23bo$175bo28b3o22bobo$175b3o26bo24b2o$ 178bo37b2o$177b2o37bo$217b3o$219bo3$262b2o$262b2o$187b2o$180b2o5bobo$ 180b2o7bo$189b2o$123bo$123b2o$122bobo$250bo$250b3o$181b2o70bo$181b2o 69b2o$192b2o53bo$175b2o8bo6bo54b3o$174bobo7bobo3bobo57bo$174bo9b2o4b2o 57b2o$173b2o3$176b2o$175bobo$175bo70b2o$174b2o70b2o17b2o$265b2o2$203b 2o$183b2o18bo62b2o$183b2o16bobo62bo$201b2o50b2o12b3o$254bo14bo$251b3o$ 251bo$192bo$191bobo$192bo2$220b2o$220b2o3b2o$225b2o2$191b2o$191b2o33b 2o$220b2o4bo$220b2o5b3o$229bo2$209b2o$209bobo$211bo$197b2o12b2o$197b2o 77$b2o$obo$2bo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 3 WIDTH 600 HEIGHT 600 X 60 Y -40 THEME 6 GPS 60 LOOP 1600 ZOOM 4 AUTOSTART PAUSE 2 ]]
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The dirty glider reflector is not actually fully recovered before a second signal enters the full reflector 487 ticks later. However, it has been repaired by the time the internal reflector is actually needed again, so the cycle can be successfully repeated at p487 instead of p497.

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