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A sphere is a possible finite Life universe in the form of a sphere. The simplest way to do this is to use an m × n rectangle with the top edge joined to the left edge and the bottom edge joined to the right edge. It is similar to a torus except that it has adjacent pairs of sides joined instead of opposite pairs. With this configuration, the top-left and bottom-right corner cells become the "poles" of the sphere which have themselves as three of their neighbors. The other two corner cells have only one of themselves as a neighbor.

The following LifeViewer demonstrates how diagonal and orthogonal spaceships travel in a spherical universe.

x = 98, y = 98, rule = B3/S23:S100 11b2o9b2o$11b2o9b2o5$29b2o11b2ob2o11b2o$28bobo10bobobobo10bobo$27bobo 10bobo3b2o11b2o$26bobo10bobo$26b2o11b2o$2o91b2ob2o$2o91b2ob2o10$2o91b 2ob2o$2o91b2ob2o5$7b2o$6bobo$6b2o4$86b2o$86bobo$87bobo$88bobo$89bobo$ 90b2o2$7b2o$6bobo$6b2o2$6b2o$6bobo$7bobo76b2o$8bobo75bobo$9b2o76bobo$ 88bobo$89bobo$90b2o2$90b2o$89bobo$88bobo$17bo70b2o$6b2o8b3o$6bobo7bob 2o$7bobo7b3o$8bobo6b2o$9b2o5$90b2o$89bobo$88bobo$88b2o9$34b2o$34bobo$ 34bo5$58b2o11b2o$57bobo10bobo$36b2o11b2o5bobo10bobo$36bobo10bobo3bobo 10bobo$37bobo10bobobobo10bobo$38b2o11b2ob2o11b2o2$11b2o9b2o$11b2o9b2o 2$11b2o9b2o$11b2o9b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART THUMBSIZE 2 ZOOM 4 WIDTH 600 HEIGHT 600 GPS 60 LOOP 801 ]]
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