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A signal elbow is a conduit with signal output 90 degrees from its input. This term is commonly used only for signal wires, particularly 2c/3 signals. A Snark could reasonably be called a "glider elbow", but "glider reflector" is the standard term. A signal elbow with a recovery time less than 20 ticks would enable a trivial proof that Conway's Life is omniperiodic.

A near miss is the following elbow-like converter found by Dean Hickerson on July 29, 1997.[1] It successfully turns a 2c/3 signal by 90 degrees, but unfortunately changes it to a double-length signal in the process. This means that further copies of the converter can not be appended (e.g., to make a closed loop).

x = 34, y = 44, rule = B3/S23 24bo2bo$24b6o$30bob2o$22b5obobob2o$21bo6bobo$21b5o2bobo$18bo7bob2o$18b 6o2bo$24bobo$16b6o2bob2o$10b2o3bo6bobo$9bo2bo2b5o2bobo$8bob3o7bob2o$4b 2obobo3b5o2bo$5bobo3bo6bobo$5bobo2b6o2bob2o$3bobobobo6bobo$2bob2o2bob 4o2bobo$2bo3bobobo3bob2o$2ob2obobo3bobo$bobo2bob4obob3o$o2bobo7bo3bo$b 3o2b8o$4bobo$3b2obo2b7o$2bo2b2obo7bo$2b2o4bo2b6o$8bobo$7b2obo2b6o$10bo bo6bo$10bobo2b5o$11b2obo7bo$14bo2b6o$14bobo$13b2obo2b6o$16bobo6bob2o$ 16bobo2b5ob2o$17b2obo$20bo2b6o$20bobo5bo$19b2obo2b3o$22bobo5b2o$22bo2b o4b2o$23b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THEME 6 GRID THUMBLAUNCH THUMBSIZE 2 ]]
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Relatively small composite MWSS elbows can now be constructed, using Tanner Jacobi's 2015 discovery of a small H-to-MWSS component. For example, the Orthogonoid includes a constructor/reflector that reflects an MWSS stream by 180 degrees, but it can be trivially reconfigured to make a 90-degree MWSS elbow.


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