Period-59 glider gun

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Period-59 glider gun
Period-59 glider gun image
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 167863
Bounding box 4091×3082
Period 59
Barrels 2
Discovered by Adam P. Goucher
Jason Summers
Year of discovery 2009

Period-59 glider gun is the first true period 59 gun to be discovered. It was discovered by Adam P. Goucher in 2009. Jason Summers helped by providing a period-59 five glider to six glider reaction and also a 180 degree reflector reaction.

The core of the gun is the 5-to-6 reaction (an over-unity reaction), composed of two copies of a mechanism hassling two pi-heptominoes, in a fashion reminescent of the P44 pi-heptomino hassler. Of the 11 glider streams linked to this:

  • Two link together via a 180° reflection off a P59 oscillator.
  • Four are pairwise linked to a single copy of the basic mechanism. This functions as a two-to-two glider reflection reaction on its own, rerouting two parallel glider streams (one incoming, one outgoing) into two sideways ones.
  • Four of the core streams are redirected using 90° reflections off further p59 oscillators (and some tertiary pairs of reactors) and to link with the four streams from the secondary reactors.
  • This leaves one output stream.

Discovery of the Snark in 2013 enabled Dave Greene to build a much smaller variant with a bounding box of 405×355.[1]

Image gallery

The original 14,348×12,790 period-59 gun
Download RLE: click here
8,870×7,352 period-59 gun which was the result of the 180 degree reflector
Download RLE: click here
405×355 period-59 gun which was the result of the Snark
Download RLE: click here
327÷337 period-59 gun reduction; 1 barrel
Download RLE: click here


  1. Dave Greene (April 28, 2013). "Re: Just the place for a Snark!". Retrieved on October 3, 2014.

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