p56 B-heptomino shuttle

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p56 B-heptomino shuttle
x = 26, y = 21, rule = B3/S23 23b2o$23b2o3$6b2o16b2o$6b2o14bob2o$22bo$22bo$22bo2bo$6bo16b2o$5bob2o$b 2o2bo2bo$b2o5bo3$2b2o14b2o$ob2o14b2o$o$o$o2bo$b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ LOOP 56 GPS 8 THUMBSIZE 2 ]]
Pattern type Oscillator
Oscillator type Shuttle
Number of cells 45
Bounding box 28×21
Period 56
Mod 28
Heat 30.3
Volatility 0.94
Strict volatility 0.57
Discovered by David Buckingham
Year of discovery Unknown

P56 B-heptomino shuttle is a period 56 oscillator discovered in its original form (shown below) by David Buckingham sometime before May 1991,[1] being the first period 56 oscillator to be found. It consists of a B-heptomino being hassled by two blockers and two blocks. In terms of its 45 cells, it is the smallest known period 56 oscillator.[2] The blockers interact with the B twice, once to supress the block, and another time to prevent the formation of a Herschel.

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Generation 8 reveals that the object being hassled is a B-heptomino.
The original form of this oscillator using Kok's galaxies instead of blockers
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  1. Dean Hickerson's oscillator stamp collection.
  2. Jason Summers' all-osc oscillators collection

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