p4 bouncer

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p4 bouncer
x = 47, y = 60, rule = B3/S23 o$b2o$2o4$6bo$7b2o$6b2o2$42b2o$41bobo$43bo4$36b2o$35bobo$18bo18bo$19b 2o$18b2o4$24bo14bo$25b2o11bobo$24b2o12bob3o$33b2o2b2o4bo$33bobo3b2o2bo $22b2o11b4o2bob2o$22b2o2b2o3b4o3b2ob2o$26bobo2b3o2b3o3bo$27bo3bobobo2b 2o2b2o$22b2o8bo2bo7bo$22b4o7b2obobobo2bob2o$22bo6bo3bob2obob3o2bo$18b 2o3b2obo2bo7bobo5bo$17bo2bo2bob2obobo2bob2o2bo2b3o$17b2obo6b3o3b2obobo 3bo$18bo2b2obo12bo$18bo8b2obo$19b3obobo3b2o$16b3o2bo2b2obo$16bo2bob2o 3bob3o$17b2ob2o3b2obo2bo$18bob2o2bo3bo2bo$18bo4bobo2b3o$19b6o$21bo3b2o b3o$24b4o3bo$19b5o5b2obo$18bo5bobo3bobo$17bo2b4ob2obobob2o$18b2o2bo5bo bo$20bo2bo3b2obo$18b2o9bo$18bo4b6o$19bo4bobo$20bobobo$21b2ob2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 X 6 Y 10 ZOOM 12 GPS 16 HEIGHT 600 AUTOSTART LOOP 72 ]]
Pattern type Reflector
Number of cells 248
Bounding box 31×42
Angle 90°
Period 4
Heat Unknown
Discovered by Arie Paap
Year of discovery 2018
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P4 bouncer is a colour-changing glider reflector constructed by Arie Paap in 2018, with a minimum repeat time of 24 ticks.[1] It is a constellation containing a p4 oscillator, boat, and block. For colour-preserving glider reflectors see p4 bumper and the stable Snark reflector. It is the first bouncer able to reflect a p44 glider stream.


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