p35 beehive hassler

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p35 beehive hassler
x = 79, y = 24, rule = B3/S23 35b2o4b2o$35bobo2bobo27b2o$37bo2bo6b2o4b2o8b2o3bo2bo$36bo4bo6bo4bobo8b o3b2o$26bo9b2o2b2o6bob2obo2bo7bob2o2b4ob2o$25bobo10b2o7b2obobob2o6b2ob obobo3bobobo$25bob3o16bo3bobo10bobo3b2o4bobo$22bob2o4bo14b3ob2ob2o6b2o bob2obobobob2ob2o$14b2o6b2o3b2obo14bo3b2ob2ob2o2bo6bob2o2bo2bo$13bobo 9b2obob2o13bo7bo2b3o3bobobobo4bobo$7b2obo2bo6b5o3bo3bo12bo8bob2o7b2ob 4ob2o$6bob2obob2o4bo5bo2b2ob2o5bo6bo3b2o3b2o2bo5bo2bo4bo$6bo4bo7b2o2bo 8bo5b2o5b3ob2o8bo4b2obob2obo$4b2ob4ob2o4b2o2bobo4bob2o6bo6bo3bobob5o6b o2bob2o$3bobo4bobobob4o2b2o2bo2bob2o14b2obob2o9bobo$3bo2b2o2bo2b2obob 2o2bo3bo5bo15bob2o3b2o6b2o$2obo6bo2bobobo8bob2ob2o15bo4b2obo$bobo2bob 2o3bobo10bobo3bo16b3obo$bobobo3bobobob2o6b2obobob2o6bo2bo9bobo$2b2ob4o 2b2obo7bo2bob2obo5bo2b2o2bo8bo$9b2o3bo8bobo4bo5bo2b2o2bo$7bo2bo3b2o8b 2o4b2o6b4o$7b2o27bobo2bobo$36b2o4b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ GPS 7 ZOOM 7 LOOP 35 ]]
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 372
Bounding box 79×24
Period 35
Mod 35
Heat 136.9
Volatility 0.59
Strict volatility 0.09
Discovered by Dean Hickerson
Year of discovery 1995

The p35 beehive hassler is a period-35 oscillator discovered by Dean Hickerson on February 14, 1995[1] and was the first oscillator of this period to be discovered.[note 1] It is composed of two fumaroles and two heavyweight volcanoes hassling a beehive.

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  1. A period-35 oscillator, octagon II on 44P7.2, can be constructed from two sparkers (octagon II and 44P7.2) both of which were known by 1977. However, this type of oscillator is generally considered "boring", and thus not counted despite technically being non-trivial.


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