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Seeds rule
Rulestring /2
Rule integer 4
Character Explosive
Black/white reversal B012345678/S01234578

Seeds is a life-like cellular automaton in which only dead cells with exactly two live neighbors will turn into live cells on the next generation. Even though all the living cells die in every generation (turning every pattern into a phoenix), most patterns are still exploding quadratically.

Notable patterns


It is obvious that no still lifes can exist in this rule. Known oscillator periods include 2, 3, 4, and 6. The five smallest ones are duoplet (2 cells, p2), shiplet (3 cells, p2), radar (4 cells, p4), lever (4 cells, p4) and anchor (4 cells, p4).


With B2, the Seeds rule allows spaceships to travel at the speed of light. The three smallest ones, known as photons, have a period of 1 and consist of only 4 cells each. Larger lightspeed spaceships with higher periods are also known.

There also exist c/2 and c/5 orthogonal spaceships and c/3 and c/4 diagonal spaceships.


Two period-4 photon guns (lasers) have been found, yet their photon stream is too dense to implement any signal logic.

Puffers, Rakes and Breeders

Quite a lot of progress has been made in producing engineered patterns consisting of lightspeed puffers and photon rakes. A rake puffer breeder is known.

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