Mosquito 1

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Mosquito 1
Mosquito 1 image
Pattern type Miscellaneous
Number of cells 103
Bounding box 1794×412
Discovered by Nick Gotts
Year of discovery 1998

Mosquito 1 is a 103-cell quadratic growth pattern that was found by Nick Gotts on September 29, 1998. At the time of its discovery, it was the smallest known pattern exhibiting superlinear growth (passing the former record holder jaws), but it was surpassed one week later by a 97-cell pattern found by Stephen Silver, and then almost immediately by the 85-cell mosquito 2.

It consists of the classic puffer 2 plus four lightweight spaceships and four middleweight spaceships. Once it gets going it produces a new block-laying switch engine (plus a lot of junk) every 280 generations. It is therefore an MMS breeder, albeit a messy one.

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A 97-cell improvement of mosquito 1 by Stephen Silver
Download RLE: click here
Generation 35000 of mosquito 1

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