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Metacatacryst image
Pattern type Breeder
Number of cells 52
Bounding box 59739×14663
Direction Unknown
Period Unknown
Speed Unknown
Discovered by Nick Gotts
Year of discovery 2000

Metacatacryst is a 52-cell quadratic growth pattern found by Nick Gotts in December 2000. It is a modification of the catacryst (also found by Gotts) that contains six fewer cells but has a much larger bounding box. In terms of its 52 cells, it had been at one time the smallest known pattern that exhibits superlinear growth, but was superceded by 26-cell quadratic growth, which had been also found by Gotts.

Growth rate

Metacatacryst almost undoubtedly exhibits quadratic growth, but it is nowhere near as regular as other breeders. There is a form of expanding feedback loop, as switch engines deplete the gliders. An aperiodic sequence is generated by the resulting pattern of switch engines.

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