Matthias Merzenich

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Matthias Merzenich
Born Unknown
Residence Unknown
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Matthias Merzenich is a Life enthusiast who since 2009 has been a prolific contributor to Conway's Game of Life research and documentation, under the user handle "Sokwe" on the wiki and forums.

New discoveries include the Lobster (spaceship) and 339P7H1V0, many oscillators of unusual periods, e.g., Merzenich's p11, Merzenich's p18, p26 glider shuttle, and Merzenich's p31 which was the first known oscillator of that period. See the nominations for the Pattern of the Year competition for other significant discoveries -- e.g., new puffers, rakes, true-period guns, and the oblique antstretcher.

Besides original research and improvements to search software such as zfind[1], Merzenich has made an enormous cumulative contribution to the organization of Life-related information, especially on the LifeWiki. For example, many of the most up-to-date collections of oscillator and spaceship information are due in whole or in part to Merzenich's work; see in particular the LifeWiki:Game of Life Status page.

Patterns found by Matthias Merzenich


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