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A lone dot agar is an agar in which every live cell is isolated in every generation. There are many different lone dot agars; all of them are phoenixes. In 1995, Dean Hickerson and Alan W. Hensel found stabilizations for finite patches of ten lone dot agars to create period-2 oscillators. One of these is shown below:

#C Example stabilization of a finite patch of lone dot agar, creating a period-2 oscillator. #O Dean Hickerson and Alan W. Hensel, 1995 x = 38, y = 38, rule = B3/S23 4b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o$4bo2bobo2bo2bobo2bo2bobo2bo2bobo$5bo 7bo7bo7bo$8bo7bo7bo7bo$2o2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo5b2o$obo5bobo5bobo5bobo5b obo2bo$4bo7bo7bo7bo7bo$bo7bo7bo7bo7bo$o2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo$2o5bo bo5bobo5bobo5bobo2b2o$5bo7bo7bo7bo$8bo7bo7bo7bo$2o2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo 5b2o$obo5bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo2bo$4bo7bo7bo7bo7bo$bo7bo7bo7bo7bo$o2bobo 5bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo$2o5bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo2b2o$5bo7bo7bo7bo$8bo7bo7bo 7bo$2o2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo5b2o$obo5bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo2bo$4bo7bo7bo7bo 7bo$bo7bo7bo7bo7bo$o2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo$2o5bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo2b 2o$5bo7bo7bo7bo$8bo7bo7bo7bo$2o2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo5b2o$obo5bobo5bobo 5bobo5bobo2bo$4bo7bo7bo7bo7bo$bo7bo7bo7bo7bo$o2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo5bob o$2o5bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo2b2o$5bo7bo7bo7bo$8bo7bo7bo7bo$4bobo2bo2bobo2b o2bobo2bo2bobo2bo$4b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o2b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ GPS 2 AUTOSTART ZOOM 12 THUMBSIZE 2 HEIGHT 560 WIDTH 640 ]]
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