Linear propagator

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Linear propagator
Linear propagator image
Pattern type Puffer
Number of cells 290096
Bounding box 14826990×14826908
Direction Orthogonal
Period 237228617
Speed 256c/237228617
Discovered by Dave Greene
Year of discovery 2013
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Linear propagator is arguably the first explicit example of a replicator in Conway's Game of Life found by Dave Greene on November 23, 2013, depending on an exact definition of a replicator.[1]

As the pattern is too big to be displayed in detail using any reasonable scale (given one pixel were 1 mm, the whole pattern would be almost 15 km wide), the image on the right depicts only the underlying universal constructor.

The linear propagator tied with the CC semi-Snark for third place in the Pattern of the Year 2013 competition in a belated vote held in 2018 on the forums, behind the loafer and the Snark.[2]


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