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Just Friends
Just Friends rule
Rulestring 12/2-a
Character Semi-stable

Just Friends is a rule created by David Bell and first described in June 2000, making it one of the first non-totalistic rules considered.[note 1] It normally stabilizes into a maze-like structure consisting of lines and oscillators with escaping 3-cell spaceships.

Notable Patterns

Just Friends contains an infinite number of still lifes, some puffers and rakes, and many spaceships and oscillators, although no gun has been discovered yet.

Still Lifes

Just Friends has an infinite number of still lifes because any straight and crooked (though not curved) line is a still life. All still lifes are lines, or stabilizations of lines.


  1. A candidate for the first ever isotropic non-totalistic rule is B36n/S23, or "Ship", first described by Paul Callahan in March 1994. The name was presumably chosen due to the 6n configuration resembling a ship, and the rule itself is notable for being the closest isotropic rule to Life to feature HighLife's Replicator.[1]


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