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Jaws image
Pattern type Breeder
Number of cells 150
Bounding box 654×2881
Discovered by Nick Gotts
Year of discovery 1997

Jaws is a breeder constructed by Nick Gotts in February 1997.

In the original version (shown to the right), Jaws had an initial population of 150, which at the time was the smallest for any known pattern with superlinear growth. In November 1997, Gotts produced a 130-cell version of Jaws using some switch engine predecessors found by Paul Callahan. Jaws has since been superseded by smaller breeders such as mosquitoes, teeth, catacryst and metacatacryst.

Jaws consists of eight pairs of switch engines which produce a new block-laying switch engine (plus masses of junk) every 10752 generations. It is therefore an MMS breeder.

A copy of the 150-cell version of Jaws can be found in David Bell's Library of Life objects as life/grow/breed/b7.l.


Generation 810 (1,073,741,824) of Jaws at a scale of 221:1

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