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A highway robber is any mechanism that can retrieve a signal from a spaceship lane while allowing spaceships on nearby lanes (even those a single lane away) to pass by unaffected. In practice the spaceship is generally a glider. The spaceship is removed from the lane in question, an output signal is generated elsewhere, and the highway robber returns to its original state. A competent highway robber does not affect spaceships even on the lane adjacent to the affected spaceship stream, except perhaps during the highway robber's recovery period.[1]

Below is a stable highway robber with repeat time 878, assembled by Chris Cain in 2016.[2]

x = 249, y = 291, rule = B3/S23 o$b2o$2o10$13bo$11bobo$12b2o202$166b2o$166b2o12b2obob2o$173bob2obo2bob 2o2bo$173b2obob2obo4bobo30bo$181b5obo32b2o$177b2obo4bo33b2o$177b2obobo 3bo15b2o$181bobo3bo15bo$182bo3b2o15bob2o$201bobobo$197b2o2b2o2bo$197b 2o6b3o$208bo$174b2o31b2o$174b2o$159b2o71bo$158bo2bo68bobo$157bob2o70b 2o$157bo$156b2o$151b2o18b2o$152bo18bo$150bo21b3o$150b5o14b3o2bo10b2o$ 155bo13bo2bo11bobo$152b3o12bobo2b2o10bo$151bo15b2o14b2o$151b4o$149b2o 3bo3b2o79bo$148bo2b3o4b2o78bobo$148b2obo85bo2bo$151bo45b2o39b2o$151b2o 44b2o$203b2o$204bo$159b2o40b3o$160bo40bo$157b3o$157bo70b2o$228b2o15b2o $245bo$246b3o$238b2o8bo$238bo$239b3o$192bo48bo$190b3o$189bo$189b2o10b 2o$201bo$178b2o19bobo$179bo19b2o10bo$179bobo29b3o$180b2o32bo$213b2o$ 228b2o$228bo$180b2o43b2obo$179bobo42bo2bo$179bo45b2o$178b2o4b2o24b2o$ 183bobo24b2o$183bo$182b2o2$197b2o3bo$197bo3bobo$198bo3bobo$199bo3bobob 2o$197bob4o2bob2o$196bobo3bobo$196bobo2bo2b2ob2o$197bo3b2o2bobo$205bob o10b2o$206bo11b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART THUMBSIZE 2 HEIGHT 800 WIDTH 800 ZOOM 4 GPS 50 X 75 Y 110 LOOP 878 ]]
A repeat-time 878 stable highway
robber in perpetual motion.
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