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The displacement of a moving object (such as a spaceship) is the offset by which it moves during its period. The terms delta, offset and step size are sometimes used instead; to avoid confusion over temporal vs. spatial offsets, "displacement" is preferable.[1]

Displacements may be given as a single number for objects travelling orthogonally or diagonally, or as pairs of numbers for objects travelling obliquely.


The glider displaces itself by one cell diagonally every four ticks; the Demonoid displaces itself by 65 cells diagonally every 438,852 generations. Gemini displaces itself by 5,120 cells vertically and 1,024 cells horizontally (ibiswise) every 33,699,586 generations; Sir Robin displaces itself by two cells horizontally and one cell vertically (knightwise) every six generations.


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