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Deficient rules are a generalisation of regular 2-state isotropic non-totalistic cellular automaton. In deficient rules, the same birth / survival condition may not be used more than once in a row. They were conceived by 83bismuth38.[1]


Deficient rules are described by rulestrings of the form Bb/Ss/Dd; where b, s and d are isotropic non-totalistic transitions.

We write n ∈ B, n ∈ S, n ∈ D if n is one of the transitions in b, s, d and m is the state that maps to the isotropic transition n; patterns then evolve according to the following rules:

  1. A dead cell (state == 0)
    1. Is born into state 1 if n ∈ B and not n ∈ D
    2. If not, it is born into state m if n ∈ B and n ∈ D and state m is not in the cell's neighbourhood
    3. If not, it stays dead
  2. A deficient cell (state > 1)
    1. Becomes a living cell if n ∈ S
    2. If not, it becomes a dead cell
  3. A living cell (state == 1)
    1. Stays alive if n ∈ S
    2. If not, it becomes a dead cell

Software support

Deficient rules are not natively supported by Golly or LifeViewer (support is planned for the latter),[2] but can be run with a suitable ruletable on either. Catagolue and apgsearch also support Deficient rules but with the selective deficiency of certain birth transitions.[3]


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