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x = 25, y = 14, rule = B3/S23 5bo$4o3bo11bo$3bo3bo9bo3b4o$7bo3b3o3bo3bo$4bo7bo4bo$5b2o13bo$18b2o2$5b 2o8b2o$5bo2b6o2bo$6b2o6b2o$3b3o10b3o$3bo2bobo4bobo2bo$4b2o4b2o4b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 3 ZOOM 16 HEIGHT 300 WIDTH 600 LOOP 12 ]]
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 63
Bounding box 23×15
Period 12
Mod 12
Heat 51.7
Volatility 0.73
Strict volatility 0.23
Discovered by Noam Elkies
Year of discovery 1995

Crown is a period-12 oscillator that was found by Noam Elkies on January 3, 1995.[1] Alternatively, it may refer just to the 10-cell piece at the top of the oscillator in generation 10 (shown below in green) that is hassled by two caterers and a heavyweight emulator.

It is used in the pi orbital and p156 Hans Leo hassler.

52-glider syntheses are known for two variants of this oscillator, one in which the caterers are oriented differently and another in which they are replaced with two jams.

By replacing the caterers with extensible p3 oscillator, an extensible crown can be made:

x = 52, y = 39, rule = B3/S23 10bo3b2o$9bobo2bo6b2o$10b2o3bo5bo6b2o$12b3obo5bo5bo6b2o$10b2o2bobo2b3o bo5bo5bo6b2o$b2o6bo2b3obobo2bobo2b3obo5bo5bo$obo5bobo3bobo2b3obobo2bob o2b3obo5bo5b2o$obob2o3bo3b2ob2o3bobo2b3obobo2bobo2b3obo3bobo$bobobo4b 2obo6b2ob2o3bobo2b3obobo2bobo2bo$3bo7bo5b2obo6b2ob2o3bobo2b3obobob2o$ 2bo2bo5bo6bo5b2obo6b2ob2o3bobobobobo$2bo15bo6bo5b2obo6b2obo2bo3bo$2bo 3bo5bo12bo6bo5b2obo3bo3b3o$2bo3bo3b2o20bo6bo5b4o$2bo7b2ob2ob2o21bo6bo 2bo$2bo2bo4b2o4b3o3b4o4bobo15b2o$3bo8bo3b2o4b2obo7bo6bo$bobobo17b3o3bo 3bo4b2o$obob2o4bo22bo4b2ob2o$obo7bo6bo12bobo5b2o$b2o5bob2o5bo6bo15bo$ 7b2o6bob2o5bo6bo$6bo4b2ob2o6bob2o5bo6bo$8b2o2bobo3b2ob2o6bob2o5bo$4bob o3bobob3o2bobo3b2ob2o6bob2o$4bo5bobobo2bobob3o2bobo3b2ob2o3bo$5b4obobo b3o2bobo2bobob3o2bobo3bobo$6bob2o3bo5bob3o2bobo2bobob3o2bo$6bo7bo5bo5b ob3o2bobo2b2o$5bob3o3b2o6bo5bo5bob3o$7bo2bo9b2o6bo5bo3b2o$4bobo2b2o16b 2o6bo2bobo$3b2o29b2o3bo$3b2o$4bobo2$4bo2bo$4bobo$5bo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART THUMBSIZE 2 ZOOM 10 WIDTH 600 HEIGHT 480 GPS 6 LOOP 13 ]]
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Generation 10 reveals a piece that by itself is sometimes referred to as the crown

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