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Coe ship
14b2o$o7bob4ob2o$o7bo2b5o$8bo3b3o$2bo$2bo$12b4o$11bo3bo$15bo$11bo2bo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ ZOOM 16 TRACKLOOP 64 1/2 0 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 4 HEIGHT 400 WIDTH 600 ]]
Pattern type Puffer engine
Number of cells 28
Bounding box 17×12
Frequency class 43.4
Direction Orthogonal
Period 16
Mod 16
Speed c/2
Speed (unsimplified) 8c/16
Heat 38.0
Discovered by Tim Coe
Year of discovery 1995

The Coe ship is the first period-16 c/2 orthogonal spaceship to be discovered; by Tim Coe in October 1995. It works as a puffer engine because it produces a long spark behind it as it moves. It consists of a lightweight spaceship pulling a heavyweight spaceship that is modified to give the big tail spark.

The Coe ship is the 35th most common naturally occurring spaceship, being more common than HWSS on HWSS 8, but less common than MWSS on HWSS 13.[1]

Despite its small size, it never appeared in a soup until December 2015 when apgsearch was devised. By doing so, it became the first naturally occurring non-period-4 spaceship to occur in Life out of an asymmetric random starting pattern.[2] A second Coe ship appeared on Catagolue in June 2016, and four more shortly after.

A 7-glider synthesis was discovered by 2718281828 on December 8, 2017.[3]


The Coe ship can be used in various ways to create puffers and rakes.[4]

Coe ship powering a backward rake
Coe ship powering a forward rake
Coe ship powering a block puffer

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