Centipede caterloopillar

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Centipede caterloopillar
Centipede caterloopillar image
Pattern type Spaceship
Family Caterloopillar
Number of cells 361070
Bounding box 622×647036
Direction Orthogonal
Period 1440
Mod Unknown
Speed 31c/240
Speed (unsimplified) 186c/1440
Heat Unknown
Discovered by Michael Simkin
Year of discovery 2016

The centipede caterloopillar is a 31c/240 orthogonal spaceship generated by Michael Simkin on 16 April 2016[1], and the third known spaceship of this speed. It is most notable for being the smallest 31c/240 spaceship, surpassing the centipede in cell count. It runs on caterloopillar technology.

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