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I have found more glider eaters. If you want, I can list them below. -wwei23

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Would be nice if someone with the required rights could put this in Category:Pattern categories. Apple Bottom (talk) 22:33, 7 May 2016 (UTC)

More Eaters

Don't forget the Integral sign, the elevener, and moose antlers, all of which can eat gliders. -wwei23 12:02 PM 5/29/2017 NY time

And the eater Siamese eater. -wwei23 12:08 PM 5/29/2017 NY time

Try test tube baby and odd test tube baby, in both phases. -wwei23 12:20PM 5/29/2017 NY time

The mirrored dock will also work from four directions. -wwei23 12:26 PM 5/29/2017 NY time

The integral with hook and integral with tub or beehive or mango will also work so as this still life:


What do you call this one? -wwei23 12:30 PM 5/29/2017 NY time

Dock on dock eating gliders.
x = 15, y = 14, rule = B3/S23

-wwei23 12:35 PM 5/29/2017 NY time

The Hungry Hat. -wwei23 8:34PM 6/1/2017 NY time