Andrzej Okrasinski's census

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Andrzej Okrasinski's census
Conducted by Andrzej Okrasinski
Type Single-user
Year(s) 2003 – 2008
Status Completed
Universe Infinite plane
Soup size 20×20
Initial soup density 0.18 to 0.46
Soups searched Unknown
Total objects 477,663,568,755
Distinct objects 8,747

Andrzej Okrasinski's census was a census of naturally-occurring ash objects conducted by Andrzej Okrasinski between November 2003 and December 2008.

The results were obtained by randomly seeding soups of size 20x20 with initial density varying between 0.18 and 0.46[1]; a total of 477,663,568,755 objects were found, including 8,476 distinct still lifes and 184 distinct oscillators and spaceships.

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