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Against the grain is a term used for negative spaceships travelling in zebra stripes agar, perpendicular to the stripes, and also for against-the-grain grey ships.

Below is a sample signal, found by Hartmut Holzwart in April 2006,[1] that travels against the grain at 2c/3; this "negative spaceship" travels upward:

x = 35, y = 52, rule = B3/S23:T35,52 35o2$35o2$35o2$35o2$35o2$35o2$35o2$17o2b16o2$15o6b14o$15bo4bo$16o4b15o 2$13o3b4o3b12o$17b2o$12o12b11o$12bo10bo$14o8b13o$14bo6bo$15o6b14o$9b2o 4bo4bo4b2o$7o6b4o2b4o6b6o$7bo3b2o3bo2bo3b2o3bo$7o9bo2bo9b6o$8bo5bo6bo 5bo$9o6bo4bo6b8o$9bo4b2ob2ob2o4bo$11o4bo4bo4b10o$11b2o4b2o4b2o$7o2b3ob o2bo2bo2bob3o2b6o$14b3o2b3o$5o6b3obo4bob3o6b4o$5bo4bo14bo4bo$6o8bo6bo 8b5o$6bo3b2o2bo2b2o2bo2b2o3bo$8o5bob2o2b2obo5b7o$8bo2bob2o6b2obo2bo$9o 3b2o8b2o3b8o$10bo14bo$16o4b15o$16b4o$17o2b16o2$35o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBNAIL THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 HEIGHT 480 GPS 6 ZOOM 11 AUTOSTART ]]
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Holzwart proved in 2006 that 2c/3 is the maximum speed at which signals can move non-destructively against the grain through zebra stripes agar.

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