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x = 17, y = 96, rule = B3/S23<br/> 5b2o3b2o$3b2o2bobo2b2o2$7bobo$2bo4bobo4bo$2bo3bo3bo3bo$2bo2bo5bo2bo2$ 2bo11bo$2bo2b2o3b2o2bo$bo3b2o3b2o3bo$2bo2bobobobo2bo$2b2o3bobo3b2o$5bo bobobo$5bobobobo$4b2obobob2o$7bobo$6b2ob2o3$8bo$4bob2ob2obo$4b2obobob 2o$3bob2obob2obo$4bo7bo$4bo7bo$2b2o3b3o3b2o$2bo11bo$b2o11b2o$8bo$o2b3o 5b3o2bo$bo13bo2$5bo5bo$5b2obob2o$b4o7b4o$b3o2b5o2b3o$5bo5bo$b2ob3obob 3ob2o$2bo2bo5bo2bo$2bo11bo2$3bo4bo4bo$4b2o5b2o$4b2o5b2o2$2bo3bo3bo3bo$ bo4bo3bo4bo$b3obo5bob3o3$4bo7bo$3b2o7b2o$4bo7bo$2b3o7b3o$bobo9bobo2$b 3o9b3o$2bo11bo$2b3o7b3o3$3bo9bo$b2obo7bob2o$bo3bo5bo3bo$3obo7bob3o$3b 2o7b2o$bob2o7b2obo$2b3o7b3o$4bo7bo$2bobo7bobo$5b2o3b2o$4b4ob4o$2bo2bob obobo2bo$6bo3bo$5b2o3b2o$5b2o3b2o2$6bo3bo$5bobobobo$4bo7bo$4bo7bo$5bo 5bo2$6b2ob2o$6bo3bo$6bo3bo$7b3o$6bo3bo$5b2o3b2o4$b2o3bo3bo3b2o$2b4o5b 4o$3b2o7b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ ZOOM 4 TRACKLOOP 7 0 -1/7 THUMBSIZE 2 GPS 14 HEIGHT 480 WIDTH 480 ]]
Pattern type Spaceship
Number of cells 339
Bounding box 17×96
Direction Orthogonal
Period 7
Mod 7
Speed c/7
Speed (unsimplified) c/7
Heat 316.6
Discovered by Matthias Merzenich
Year of discovery 2017

339P7H1V0 is an unnamed c/7 orthogonal spaceship found by Matthias Merzenich on February 4, 2017.[1] It is the second known elementary c/7 orthogonal spaceship after the loafer. It pushes 2 blinkers and 2 beehives. Its back is reminiscent of two copies of HighLife's small period-10 oscillator.

Two copies can interact via sparks or support a block tagalong allowing these ships to be chained to form an infinite number of distinct c/7 ships.[2][3]

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