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2c/3 wire is a wire discovered by Dean Hickerson in March 1997, using his dr search program. It supports signals that travel through the wire diagonally at two thirds of the speed of light.

x = 69, y = 66, rule = B3/S23 41bo$6bo32b2o$4bobo33b2o$5b2o2$34bo$33bo$33b3o2$25bo$23b3o$22bo$22b2o 6$26bo4b2o$25bobobo2bo$26b2ob3o2$26b6o$25bo6bo$25bo2b5o$23bobobo7bo$ 23b2o2bo2b6o$27bobo$26b2obo2b6o$29bobo6bo$bo27bobo2b5o$b2o27b2obo7bo$o bo30bo2b6o$33bobo$32b2obo2b6o$35bobo6bo$5bo29bobo2b5o$5b2o29b2obo7bo$ 4bobo32bo2b6o$39bobo$38b2obo2b6o$41bobo6bo$41bobo2b5o$42b2obo7bo$45bo 2b6o$45bobo$44b2obo2b6o$47bobo6bo$47bobo2b5o$48b2obo7bo$51bo2b6o$51bob o$50b2obo2b6o$53bobo6bo$53bobo2b5o$54b2obo7bo$57bo2b6o$57bobo$56b2obo 2b6o$59bobo6bo$59bobo2b3obo$60b2obo3bo$63bo2bo$63bobo$62b2obobo$66b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART THUMBSIZE 2 HEIGHT 480 WIDTH 480 X 8 Y 4 Z 8 GPS 10 LOOP 128 ]]
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Each 2c/3 signal is made up of two half-signals that can be separated from each other by an arbitrary number of ticks.

Considerable effort has been spent on finding a way to turn a 2c/3 signal 90 or 180 degrees, since this would by one way to prove Life to be omniperiodic. There is a known 2c/3 converter shown under signal elbow, which converts a standard 2c/3 signal into a double-length signal. This is usable in some situations, but unfortunately it fails when its input is a double-length signal, so it can't be used to complete a loop.[1]

In February 2004, Noam Elkies discovered a glider synthesis of a reaction that can repeatably insert a signal into the upper end of a 2c/3 wire.[1] See stable pseudo-Heisenburp for details. On 11 September 2017, Martin Grant reduced the input reaction to five gliders, as shown in the above pattern, or three gliders plus a Herschel.[2] With the Herschel option the recovery time is 152 ticks.


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