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http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=appletart%20game&defid=5956600 2. appletart game 15 up, 2 down A game invented in October 2009 at First Flight High School where participants use the word appletart or some of its variants. Originally it was focused on who could say it the loudest but has evolved over time. The ways to play include: 1. Who can say appletart the loudest? 2. Who can say appletart the most in a game? 3. Who will say appletart last? 4. Who will day appletart in the funniest or most awkward situations? 5. What word will be matched when someone says appletart? Will it be appletart, applepie, poptart, or something else?1. kid 1: Appletart. kid 2: Appletart! kid 1: APPLETART! Kid 1:APPLETART!!! kid 3: AAAPPLETAAARRT!!!!! kid 4: There goes another appletart game.2. I love playing the appletart game. Appletart! appletart game mugs & shirtsapple tart game appletart apple tart appletard appleturd applefart applefuckingtart applepie poptart by appletartkid Jul 16, 2011 share this add a video The volatility of an oscillator is the size (in cells) of its rotor divided by the sum of the sizes of its rotor and its stator. In other words, it is the proportion of cells involved in the oscillator which actually oscillate. For many periods there are known oscillators with volatility 1, such as Achim's p16, figure eight, Kok's galaxy, mazing, pentadecathlon, phoenix 1, smiley, and tumbler. The smallest period for which the existence of such statorless oscillators is undecided is 3, although Dean Hickerson showed in 1994 that there are period 3 oscillators with volatility arbitrarily close to 1 (as the possibility of feeding the gliders from a gun into an eater shows to be the case for all but finitely many periods). The largest prime period for which such an oscillator is known is 13 (see 34P13).

The term "volatility" is due to Robert Wainwright.

Strict volatility

Strict volatility is a term that was suggested by Noam Elkies in August 1998 for the proportion of cells involved in a period n oscillator that themselves oscillate with period n. For prime n this is the same as the ordinary volatility.

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