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This does not apply to every 1D replicator.

The replicator itself is A.

The replicator shifted left one cell is A<.

The replicator shifted right one cell is A>.

The replicator shifted up one cell is A^.

The replicator shifted down one cell is Av.

An empty space is 0.

Reactions are described as follows:

A(transformations) or 0+A(transformations) or 0=A(transformations) or 0

Example with a simple Rule 90 replicator





x=31, y = 47, rule = B2a/S 15bo$15bo2$14bobo$14bobo2$13bo3bo$13bo3bo2$12bobobobo$12bobobobo2$11bo 7bo$11bo7bo2$10bobo5bobo$10bobo5bobo2$9bo3bo3bo3bo$9bo3bo3bo3bo2$8bobo bobobobobobo$8bobobobobobobobo2$7bo15bo$7bo15bo2$6bobo13bobo$6bobo13bo bo2$5bo3bo11bo3bo$5bo3bo11bo3bo2$4bobobobo9bobobobo$4bobobobo9bobobobo 2$3bo7bo7bo7bo$3bo7bo7bo7bo2$2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo$2bobo5bobo5bobo5bobo 2$bo3bo3bo3bo3bo3bo3bo3bo$bo3bo3bo3bo3bo3bo3bo3bo2$obobobobobobobobobo bobobobobobo$obobobobobobobobobobobobobobobo!